Talking Arts – Roger Jackson

Roger Jackson

From childhood I always enjoyed drawing. Born in the UK, my family immigrated to Canada and settled in Stratford, Ontario. By the time I was ready to enter high school I knew I wanted to pursue a career in art but that wasn’t meant to be at that time.

My art training begin in Toronto 1992. I took evening courses at Sheridan College where I was able to explore (play with) various drawing and painting materials. In 1998, after being transferred to Calgary, I met my most influential guide and mentor, Marija Petricevic. She pushed and challenged me, then encouraged me to apply for membership in the Federation of Canadian Artists. This was a juried process; I was accepted and have been an Active Status member since 1998.
Living in Mill Bay on beautiful Vancouver Island, we are surrounded by inspiring natural beauty. Using primarily oil and acrylic, I paint plein air or in studio. I am always looking at shapes, light, reflections, shadows and colours.
My subjects are eclectic: landscapes, urban, marine. The natural world provides a constantly changing tapestry; sometimes it’s a small view and other times it’s the grand view that catches my attention.
I have a strong interest in working boats, whether at the dock or in open water, and marine scenes so I’m fortunate to be able to wander around our island’s many marinas and boatyards – such as Cowichan Bay, Ladysmith Harbour, Maple Bay, Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf – looking for subjects for brush and canvas.

My paintings are intended to pay homage to the hard-working crews, their boats and a way of life that appears to be passing.
Europe provides much inspiration for my art work; the way of life, the mixture of old and new, the life as it was then and now. I love the architecture, people, waterways and try to capture the essence.

Roger Jackson 676 Bay Rd, Mill Bay