Soleil Liberta Mannion – Painter

Art has always been in my blood; I started writing and illustrating books when I was five. I created plays, sets and costumes and tortured my mom with endless performances, playing all the different characters myself. I spent most of my growing up running free outdoors, creating imaginary worlds and friends. It is this creating imaginary spaces out of nothing that inspires my paintings. Nature is my closest friend; I love the way my heart and soul expand and move with the shifting breeze, the fall of leaves, the crash of waves and the fragrance of a summer blossom.

After high school I studied theatre and dance in London. The stage and its ability to take the audience into another world has influenced the way I paint. I love to take the view into an imaginary world, one that allows them to breathe out, take time and expand. I use a large pallet knife; I love it because it requires me to move my whole body rather than just my wrist. These broad strokes capture movement and give my paintings a sense of being alive.

The Sahara Came to Visit – Imagine standing on the coast of a Greek island looking out over the Mediterranean Sea. The water is so blue it feels like you are looking into the sky. Breath in the salt air coloured with a hint of wild oregano. The light is bright and wind is blowing. A wind that not long before was traveling over the hot sands of the Sahara now pelts your skin with African sand. It is hot, so hot and the wind blows, relentlessly all day—the only remedy is to plunge into the sky, which is actually water.

Sky RiderSky Rider -Stop by the edge of this river; let the evening sky over the frozen expanse awaken visions of horses. The mist undulates. Layers of light and colour move in and out of focus tantalizing the senses, confusing your reality with dreams. Balance on the fine line between sleep and wakefulness, defuse your flesh in eddies, drift it in lacy jags and bequeath yourself to listening with every fiber of your being.

My art can be viewed at my home studio by appointment, at Sooke Harbour House and at Merridale Cider.