Reiki Master Debbie Shkuratoff

After watching many family and friends suffer from health issues and her son’s struggle with asthma as a child, Debbie Shkuratoff started to look into diet, nutritional supplements, detoxing and other alternative therapies.

“I took a variety of courses and decided to open Reiki Wellness & The Zen Room at Valleyview Centre with the intent of assisting people in finding ways to improve their health, relax and detox, with a choice of alternative & natural therapies” shares Debbie.

Mind, body and spirit

“Total well-being involves balancing your mind, body and spirit. This will boost your mood, help your body heal itself as well as have a dramatic effect on the way you live, the way you experience life – and each affects the other. This balancing of one’s Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energy can provide peace and happiness to all aspects of our lives. Just taking a few minutes throughout the day to unify ourselves through key elements is all it takes.Energy work is a non- invasive technique that uses the laying on of hands as well as techniques performed in the energy aura or field, surrounding the body.”

Vital Life Force

“Energy, which is the vital Life Force essence, is moved through the energy system of a practitioner to facilitate the flow through the energy system of another person. The practitioner then acts as a connection or channel for the energy so that the recipient has the opportunity to access a healing frequency which can assist their harmonious balance, and facilitate healing in body/mind/spirit. Energy Work increases the flow of the Universal Life Force by balancing your internal and external energy systems, using the techniques of Reiki, Healing Touch, & Chakra Balancing to promote harmony in body, mind & spirit.”

As a Reiki Master, Debbie offers classes teaching all levels of Reiki – Usui/Karuna/ Komyo/Tibetan/Seichim/Holy Fire. She also offers other complementary treatments including Chakra Clearing, EMF Balancing, Detoxifying Foot Spa, Infrared therapies including the Jade Roller, Amethyst Crystal Bio-Mat, Herbal supplements and classes.