Qigong Seminars with Master Michael Tse

Chinese Qigong Master Michael Tse is coming to the Cowichan Valley on his annual visit to his student, Certified Instructor Lee Masters. He will be teaching a weekend seminar – open to the public – on a form in the Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong system.

On the Friday night, Master Tse will be discussing the Healing Hand Gestures that generally appear in the Dayan forms; based on Daoist principles, these are movements for healing ourselves and helping others. On Saturday and Sunday, he will teach Plum Blossom Gong, a form that uses beautiful hand gestures and movements to open the three Dantians (energy centres) and stimulate and balance the physical, mental and emotional systems of the body. This increases our vitality by allowing a harmonious connection with Nature.

Master Tse describes the Daoism symbol as a man standing on a boat on a river, which reflects the ‘empty mind’ state of flowing with Nature. The Chinese character representing Qigong (pronounced chi-gung) is made up of symbols for steam rising from cooked rice (meaning Qi or energy) and work + strength (gong),
the kind of work that requires skill. The three Dantians are the main energy centres of the body relating to Jing (sexual/creative), Qi (breathing/channels) and Shen (spirit).

The most important principle of Qigong is to relax and gently focus on the movements which brings a sense of calm so that we can deal with the stress of life. A most beneficial effect of practising Qigong is that it addresses the ‘stale qi’ in our bodies which we’ve forgotten how to let go of. Chinese Medicine recognizes the harmful effects of carrying stagnant energy. In Nature, there is an innate knowing of how to release old energy: trees shed dying leaves; birds moult to grow new feathers; animals tremble to throw off trauma so the memory is not stored in their muscles.

Qigong movements gently open the ‘windows’ of our body (acupuncture points) and smooth and stimulate the energy channels. This allows fresh Qi to enter and revitalize us. For anyone seeking a greater sense of balance in life, as well as healing from illness and stress, Qigong is a simple way to strengthen and invigorate the spirit. Many practitioners find chronic health problems become less limiting and
even disappear over time. No previous experience is necessary to benefit from Qigong.

Everyone is welcome on 26 and/ or 27 & 28 May at the Glenora Hall for this special opportunity to learn from Master Tse. Registration: Lee Masters 250-748-4060/ rivendellrhythm@shaw.ca WildGooseQigongCentre.com