Jock Hildebrand – A Passion for Form

Hildebrand shibui

Jock Hildebrand is a graduate of Emily Carr University with an international reputation for large sculptural projects, primarily in bronze and stone. Having worked in Asia and Europe, as well as North and Central America, his vision of sculpture has been gathered from his almost 40 years as a professional artist. Many of his ideas stem from his interest in anthropology and ethnology, as well as extensive travels. These influences are often portrayed in Jock’s works, but also interspersed and blended with his love of the ocean and the West Coast topography.

With large sculptures as his favorite subject matter, Hildebrand’s studio is filled with tools from large grinders to stone-cutting saws and everything in between. He also has his own bronze casting foundry, which gives him complete control over the final product, and provides some unique experiences for clients when observing a night bronze pour, where brightly glowing metal heated to 2250 degrees Fahrenheit is carefully poured into ceramic shells.

With a true passion for the arts, Hildebrand has initiated many projects, including the Okanagan Thompson International Sculpture Symposium in 2002. This project, with a budget of 2.2 million dollars, left 20 monumental pieces of public art in the region. As a result, he was nominated by the former mayor of Kelowna, Sharon Shepherd, for the Order of BC, and in 2009 received the Okanagan Visual Arts Award.

In addition to local projects, Hildebrand has also lectured in China on sculpting in the digital age and worked as a consultant for the Government of Belize to assist with the establishment of a public art collection. He is also an accomplished painter in oils, acrylic and watercolor.

In the 1990’s, Hildebrand was cited by Dr. Edward Gibson, Curator at the Simon Fraser University Gallery, as one of the three best watercolor artists on the West Coast (along with Toni Onley and Mark Tobey). Some of Hildebrand’s works can be found at the Shibui Gallery and Sculpture Garden in Maple Bay, which represents 13 local artists.

During the month of September the gallery will feature a Hildebrand Solo Show to include many of his more recent sculptures and paintings.

Jock Hildebrand Shibui Gallery and Sculpture Garden
1100 Genoa Bay Rd, Maple Bay
250 470 9586
Tours by appointment.
Submitted by Carmen Hildebrand